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Is Technology the Indicator of an Advanced Civilization?


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Revisiting Robert Temple’s The Sirius Mystery (about the African Dogon tribe’s alleged contact with extraterrestrials 5000 years ago), some questions came to mind.


Why would extraterrestrial visitors visit a small, primitive tribe in the isolated, at the time (and even now), heart of Africa.


Yes, the Sumerians and other cultures on the rim of the Mediterranean Sea are said by some, including Carl Sagan and I.S. Shklovskii in 1966’s Intelligent Life in the Universe, to have been contacted by extraterrestrials, that left intimations of writing, agriculture, math, and other accoutrements of civilized living.


Oannes, the being from the sea who supposedly proffered these gifts is not unlike the Dogon visitors who told those peoples about their place of origin, a planet in the Sirius star system.

Click HERE for an online precis of the Dogon story.

But extraterrestrials would have to be significantly advanced to get here from the Sirius planetary environment, and one would think that such emissaries would seek out cultures and peoples who were much more advanced than the Dogon tribe, to whom they would communicate the locale of their home planet(s).


The chatter between the Dogons and the Sirians would have had to be something beyond difficult.

Even today, the Dogons do not represent an advanced element of Earth’s global society.


Either the Sirius visitors were inept at furthering the cultural evolution of the Dogons or the Sirius visitors represent a civilization that doesn’t regard technolocial advance as a sine qua non of their existence; technology is a prosaic tool, and other considerations make up the essence of their existence.

Or the visit never occurred at all.

For the sake of rumination, I’d like to address the second option above; that is, civilizations do not need technology to be advanced.

Perhaps it’s the music, the art, or social intercourse that is the high point of “advanced” civilizations, not the attributes of the ships that transport them hither and yon.

This would explain, perhaps, why UFOs have appeared in various guises, some not so futuristic as we imagine: the airships of the 1890s for example.


This would also explain, perhaps, why flying saucers have had a propensity to crash; they are not technologically refined, nor meant to be.

They are constructed to get here from there, much as Columbus or Amerigo Vespucci did with their rudimentary, by modern standards, ships.


If visitors sought out this planet, for whatever reason, they would impart elements of culture – music, art, writing, mathematics, and the like – rather than methods with a technological bent.

Technology wasn’t and isn’t their primary incentive or objective.

The artifacts touted by Ancient Alien theorists are esthetic not technological: the pyramids of Egypt and Middle/South America, Stonehenge, the Easter Island moai, et cetera.




What the Dogon were and are mimics the alien races and beings - the alien cultures –that seem to have visited the Earth in the past and today.

UFO researchers, governments, military constructs have missed the point.

UFOs visit to impart refinement, high culture.

And that refinement or culture is so foreign to our understanding, we humans can’t grasp it, although one might find hints of it in such workings as that of the Dogons, or the Egyptians, or the Inca, the Olmecs, the Mayans.


The message of UFOs isn’t about nuts and bolts or plasmatic ships.

It’s about existence as a thing rarefied, transcendental, or, shall we say, spiritual?


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UFOs: Hallucinations and Delusion

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That strange “objects” appear and have appeared, to humans, in the sky and on the ground for millennia is a given, an observable truth, as it were.

(Ufologists should abandon their defensive posture; that is, ufologists needn’t continue to try and prove UFOs exist. UFOs are a premised reality. The evidence is palpable and has been verified beyond doubt in any number of ways, and by credible witnesses.)

But what of those “insane” perceptions that Spanish UFO researcher Jose Caravaca provides at his blog, The Caravaca Files or Jacques Vallee has documented in several books and lectures?

Sẽnor Caravaca attributes the bizarre UFO events he lists as a product of witness minds, controlled and used by an alien intrusion, yet to be explicitly defined, for purposes also not explicitly defined, but suggested by sẽnor Caravaca to be an expression of a reality that the intruders wish to display, by their staged images and activities.

Sẽnor Caravaca’s hypothesis is interesting, and defended by his observation that the “mental machinations” he documents aren’t ubiquitous, as they would be if they followed the suggestions offered by some; i.e., electromagnetic effects on the mind (Persinger) and psychic projections by elements of a concomitant spiritual reality that exists with humans (Vallee).

However, one has to consider the idea that some UFO accounts that include strange beings doing equally strange activities are hallucinatory or delusional constructs brought about by an initial event that triggers the images and perceptions recounted.

Still, the initial, triggering event – a UFO sighting or landing – is yet to be explained or understood.

But the descriptive accounts, after the initial event, may be attributable to hallucinations, hallucinations caused by a number of psychological triggers as delineated in papers about how the body and mind reacts to traumatic [sic] encounters and affects:

The Interpretation of Intrusions in Psychosis: An Integrative Cognitive Approach to Hallucinations and Delusions by Anthony P. Morrison (2001)

And, importantly, Visual Hallucinations in Psychologically Normal People: Charles Bonnet’s Syndrome by Robert J. Teunisse, Johan R. Cruysberg, Willibrord H. Hoefnagels, André L. Verbeek, and Frans G. Zitman.




The Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) can account for the descriptive renditions that witnesses have provided over the years for what they experienced.

Such descriptions as those of Betty and Barney Hill, Father Gill in Papua (New Guinea), which represents a “mass hullucination” example, the Hickson/Parker Pascagoula incident, and others that you’re familiar with can all be attributable to the “CBS.”

Click HERE for a table of when and during what activity the Bonnet Syndrome takes place.

Applying what we know about psychopathological pathogens helps winnow many UFO events, but not all, unfortunately.

Some UFO experiences can be traced to psychological operations by various rogue constructs in governments and the military as recounted by me in Nick Redfern’s book, Contactees [Chapter 20] and actual “alien” encounters of a still unexplained kind.

(The word “alien” is used here in its psychological context.)

But looking for more exotic explanations for obvious human mental configurations is stretching human fact into contrived fiction which has, as its downside, a loss of premise stability and subsequent logic – resulting in a wayward search for what UFOs are.

Again, UFOs are real, some strange UFO encounters are actual encounters; it’s the descriptive aftermath that has thrown the topic into a disarray that dissuades science from pursuing UFOs as a topic for scrutiny.

Once the psychological parameters are outlined and clarified, science might be able to tackle the phenomenon itself.

One can only hope…


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UFOs with little beings: France in the 1950s

In the 1950s, circa 1954 probably, a spate of flying saucers were spotted, with creatures that were thought to be Martians.

Here are some clips from a major magazine – Life, I think – that described the saucers and the beings seen near them…

Pierre Lucas of Loctudy saw an orange ball fall from the sky, from which a small, bearded figure with one eye in the middle of its forehead emerged and tapped him on the shoulder:


Serge Pochet of Marcoing was approached by two small shadows:


Gregoire Odut saw a golden disk zoom away from Wassy after a two-legged creature leaped out for a look around:


Jean Narcy saw a craft, also near Wassy, from which a little whiskered man in a fur coat and orange corset emerged:


Marius Dewilde of Quarouble is carrying a railroad tie upon which he saw a rust-colored “flying contraption” land:


Yves de Gillaboz (left) and Emile Renard saw a “Matian machine” belching puffs of smoke in the sky over Amiens:


Francois Panero and Jean Olivier draw an image of a “dumpy little space man” they saw land in a luminous sphere on a basketball court near Toulouse:


We don’t get those kinds of sightings nowadays, do we? And why not?


Saturday, October 22, 2011


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There are episodes in the overwhelmingly puzzling UFO case series that prevent logical reasoning.

We are talking about close encounters where the witness is able to recognize different elements ("family") in the alleged alien craft and its occupants (ladders, uniforms, hats, letters, numbers, antennas, etc.) that would point to a supposed "alien technology" to mimetic that of humans, as if the unidentified crew members conducted a "pantomime" in the face of unsuspecting observers present, before their eyes, which is clearly recognizable and similar to the psyche of the witnesses and as what you might find on any other machine on earth.

Although initially hypothesized secret aircraft of military origin could explain many of these sightings, and hence the presence of these mundane factors and ordinary assumptions embedded in a vehicle from the confines of space would be logical, but in other events, overall strangeness of the encounter rises to its maximum power. Our admired John Keel said with great success in his book UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse, "the hilarious mystery of flying saucers slowly transformed into a complicated series of coincidences and paradoxes as we enter the data, without taking anything, and considering all as objectively as possible. "

A clear example of what we try to expose is what we find in a dramatic and disturbing case in the sixties in the United States that brought about an official government investigation.

The detailed description made by the principal involved leaves no doubt as to the complexity of the UFO phenomenon, showing that "everyday" and "extraordinary" go together to override our ability to analyze and understand. No other single incident could present such an amount of absurd and paradoxical details that would only serve to undermine the credibility of the witness's story. On the one hand his testimony appears to reflect the fleeting encounter with a military prototype, but nevertheless, if we analyze his account, it is noticeable that the rate of strangeness of it leaves the door open to all kinds of speculation.

This is the story:


Mr. William "Eddie" Laxton, an electronic engineer for 56 years at Temple, Oklahoma, experienced a unique encounter with the unknown.

It all started about 5:30 am on the morning of March 23, 1966, on a stretch of Highway 70, between Oklahoma and Texas, where Mr. Laxton routinely drove to his teaching job at Sheppard Base Air Force (Wichita Falls, Texas).

At that time the witness was surprised to see a great light on the road. Then he saw an odd machine elongated across the road at an angle of 45 degrees that prevented his passage. The machine seemed to be composed of aluminum and was about 22 meters long and 2.5 meters high and 3.5 meters wide. It had a window in the side like a porthole and was supported by 4 legs. At the top was a six-foot antenna bent backward. The machine was shaped like a fish, divided into 4 equal sections.


Mr. Laxton stopped his van about 90 yards from the machine and approached on foot to about 50 meters from it; the extreme luminosity of the phenomenon allowed him to see with perfect clarity.

"There were four very bright lights on both sides (...) bright enough for a man to read a newspaper from a mile away."

Mr. Laxton subsequently confirmed to journalist Paul Harvey and ufologist Hayden Hewes that the thing seemed to be lit from within and "had a plastic bubble in front, a meter in diameter, and he could see light through it."

The witness said it was similar to the cockpit of a B -26. At the back was a horizontal structure of about 76 cm long and a "kind of stabilizer tail." The side of the aircraft had some numbers and letters painted on a vertical black and "dark circular window. "Laxton thought it was the initials TL and the number 47 (or 41) and 68.


At the bottom of the object, he perceived a gate about 120 cm tall and 60 cm wide. The hatch was open and he saw a white light inside. Under the machine appeared a silhouette of a “person” who seemed to be busy in repair functions of the machine, using 'something' like a flashlight.


The “person” noticed the presence of Laxton and climbed into the object via a short ladder.

Asked about the appearance of the “person,” the engineer said he had a height of 1.5 meters and about 80 kilos and Laxton estimated the “person’s” age between 30 to 35 years.

"He wore a two-piece suit like a green military uniform with a "baseball cap.” He thought it had three bands above and three below on the sleeve (like the stripes of a sergeant major). The bands were in a bow and below the lines are in a more broadly V."


When the door closed, the sound produced was like "metal hitting metal,"

Moments later Laxton heard a noise like a drill running at high speed, then the huge metallic “fish” rose from the ground to about 15 '5 feet and disappeared at high speed, about seven hundred kilometers per hour, toward the Red River.

After the machine left, Laxton said he felt static electricity in the air, "the hair on the back of my neck stood on end and [on] my hands."

Following the departure of the strange "fish" metal, Laxton drove for a little over a mile until he found a truck parked beside the road. The truck’s driver, Anderson C. W. Snyder of Oklahoma, said he had seen, in his mirror, a light towards the river. No other vehicles traveling the road saw or reported the aircraft.


Days later, after learning of the experience through the local newspaper, Laxton was interviewed by researchers at Northwestern University, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, and the U.S. Air Force.

"I was interviewed by 25 or 30 people -- generals, majors, captains, sergeants, clerks, and stenographers.

They had me draw pictures of the object and tell everything I knew about it. They asked the questions and I answered ".

The electrician told investigators that the USAF commanders were very upset that the press had gotten the story before them.

After presenting a full report at the home base where he taught, a colonel, accompanied by several officers, asked him to lead them to the exact location of the sighting.

"We were there about 30 or 35 minutes. I answered more questions while several men searched the area. I got the impression that they knew what they were doing."

“You saw a helicopter," one officer said sharply.

Although later the USAF announced that "we contacted various organizations around the Temple area to identify a possible experiment or possible conventional aircraft. All attempts in this direction were unsuccessful because there was no plane in the area at the time of the sighting, although there are numerous experimental helicopters and other aircraft in the area, not [for] the date of March 23, 1966."

In the official list prepared by the Blue Book (Governmental Commission for the study of UFOs), the case is officially registered as UNKNOWN.

A summary of the account, written by USAF officers only differed in some measures from what was narrated to reporters and civilian researchers:

"March 23, 1966. Temple, Oklahoma. 5:05 tomorrow. The instructor, Eddie Laxton of Sheppard AFB, while driving in the U.S. W Highway 70, found his way blocked by a fish-shaped plane landed on the road, about 23 meters long, almost 2.5 meters high, 3.5 meters wide, with a Plexiglas bubble at its top with bright lights ahead and astern. Laxton stopped his car about 91 meters of the device. He walked toward the object to about 15.5 meters away, watching some letters TLA138 or TLA738 [or TL 4768].


He saw a Do men [sic] with a baseball hat, which [went] up a ladder to the object, then immediately the object made a sound like a whistle or a drill and went to the SE at about 700 mph. (1,100 km per hour). No trace of the landing. Laxton found another witness, C. W. Anderson, [about] a mile [away]."

William Laxton likely approached the machine at a distance of close to 15 meters, identified by the official survey, otherwise it is difficult to conceive of the 50 meters that the various ufologists reported about the incident, which wouldn’t allow Laxton to distinguish so many clear details of the aircraft and its crew or the bands that were on the "suit."

It is also noteworthy that the object started to rise with a speed estimated at more than 1,000 kilometers per hour. This detail is significant because such haste in its departure would indicate that it was a prototype of a large transport helicopter being tested or that it was some kind of prototype airship.



A year earlier there was a similar case....

It happened in the city of Poast, Ohio on October 4, 1965, when at about 18:45 pm, Mrs. Helen Tucker and three girls were in her vehicle, traveling around town, when they saw a bright object in the sky, with flashing red and white lights that gave off sparks of color.

From the car, Mrs. Tucker watched as the UFO landed on Carmody Blvd beyond the depression of the river. Then the strange UFO took off vertically towards the airport; its luminous appearance reminded the witness "to that of a Christmas tree."

The detailed description of the aircraft indicated a red object "as cast iron," with bright wings that protruded from the fuselage, and a cockpit that appeared as a transparent vault at the top.

"[It] worked like a helicopter but possessed great speed," said the witnesses.

Sergeant David Moody, based at Wright Patterson Air Base, failed to identify the aircraft observed by the women, but found another witness, a pilot. The police department confirmed the existence of others who had seen the presence of a strange light in the sky.

(Asked by the local press about the official investigation of UFOs in the country, the military said that in 1965 the USAF had collected 700 reports, of which 15 remained unidentified.)


Eight years before William Laxton sightings in November 1957, there was an interesting case that bears some similarities with that reported by the electrical engineer.

Again, we find the description of a UFO light in the middle of the road, and the observation of letters and numbers on the fuselage.

Our protagonist, Haskell Raper, was driving home during a rainy night when he spotted a light on the road which he thought might be a truck.

Suddenly, from that "thing" came a powerful beam of light that stopped his car about 5 meters from the scene.

Haskell then found that this was not a truck. It was an oval object about 5 feet long and 3 meters wide, green, like a military vehicle.

To his surprise, on the fuselage of the object were the letters “UN” followed by some numbers that he could not remember.

Excited, Raper, while watching the scene, experienced an intense heat wave that came from the object, and his car began to burn rapidly.

In terror, he jumped out of his 1956 Ford which was destroyed by fire.

The UFO then rose, emitting a sound like a diesel engine. Haskell Raper ran over 2 miles until he came to town to tell his traumatic experience. The only vestige of his sighting was his burnt car in the middle of the road.


Few events, such as that as experienced by Mr. Laxton, demonstrate the remarkable ability to recreate the UFO phenomenon by "staging" a hodgepodge of symbols easily identifiable and especially assimilated by the witness in an abnormal context.
The military clothing of the occupant of the device, including "baseball cap" and the letters and numbers spotted on the side of the aircraft, were all elements familiar to the witness from his work in a military environment. Even the work of “inspection” of the aircraft by the pilot perpetrated a very human resort: "the repair of damage with a flashlight in hand."

No doubt this close encounter was part of a studied theatricality but sufficient strange elements" to make the witness believe that what appeared to him was an “alien landing." Keel, in his aforementioned work, confirmed this fact, "these objects [are] chosen most often [to] appear in forms that can be easily accepted and explained to our own satisfaction."

It is curious that the extensive knowledge of the witness on military aircraft fittings was represented in his experience in a way so clear, to "suspect" his imagination to contribute to a "construction involuntary" of an "close encounter" adding with these individual military items, to facilitate comprehension.

Neither should we forget that the experience seems to pass in a "portion" of reality away from everyday life, because during Laxton’s inspection, there were no vehicles on the road, as if an "invisible bubble" had taken place away from the scene of our space and time, giving Laxton an air of dreamlike own or mystical experience.

The outstanding researcher Jacques Vallee said in the book “Dimensions” in this regard: "The flying saucer enthusiasts believe that UFOs are simply machines used by visitors from other planets. This belief is totally naive. The explanation is too simplistic to account for the diversity of behavior of the occupants and their relationship with humans. The visitors would have fun, masking the real nature, and infinitely more complex technology that generates the sightings."

To conclude: "His statements can not be reduced to spacecraft screws and bolts. The UFOs are physical manifestations impossible to understand outside their psychic and symbolic reality. We are not witnessing an invasion of beings from elsewhere. It is a spiritual system that acts on humans and uses humans."

The researcher Salvador Freixedo’s classic and indispensable work, “Visionaries, mystics and extraterrestrial contact” is vital to the understanding [that] some UFO experiences "can actually say that the whole UFO phenomenon is greatly distorted. And this is further aggravated when we realize…that the UFO phenomenon… is intentionally distorted so that our mind will [find it] impossible to reach the real causes that produce it. The adventures and crazy things that very often [happen to] those who claim to have been in contact with UFOs has caused them not to believe anything about the whole phenomenon because of this distortion to the mind…"

Dr. Scott Rogo, in his book "The Enchanted Universe," reminds Freixedo, Keel and Vallee, that "something is true; the UFOs are the product or the source of psychic disturbances, neither purely physical nor purely mental. They move in a buffer zone.”

Michel Carrouges, in his legendary book "The Martians Appear," includes a case that illustrates perfectly this line of inquiry:

"The incident occurred October 12 1954 at about 21 hours in the field. Therefore, it whould be dark. An agricultural worker of 48 years, the witness, was alone. Suddenly [he] saw a "saucer" in the soil, 2 feet from him. It was shaped like a car, a "RENAULT 4 CV," and had wheels. [There was] a pilot with an Hallab edge of 1.50 m., [who] was garbed in a cap and a leather jacket.

Challenged by the witness, the pilot did not respond and jumped on board the machine, about 30 feet over the road, and took flight as an airplane."

Carrouges can not hide his dismay at such an inscrutable episode: a close encounter with a flying saucer that had wheels, "The description is so baroque that we should put aside this incident, but since it is contained in a line of Aimé Michel’s Orthotony, the incident must then be objective [sic], but its content dark and unusable."

These types of events lead us to propose the thesis that by some unknown mechanism or capacity, the " intelligences " that control the phenomenon of UFO are able to "tune in" to our mind when we are close to establishing contact, and “they” extract from it information to form the staging that will occur, including the appearance of the UFO (wings, wheels, windows, symbols, etc.), crew (height, clothing, etc.) and even the same behavior of the humanoids (observer, collector, aggressive, et cetera).

These episodes are disconcerting, so different from each other, and they differ between witnesses.

Being in close collaboration with our psyches, these " intelligences " make and unmake our observed experience, enriching the observation, our culture, folklore, beliefs and even our personalities, thus distorting the true reality and moving us away from any certainty of finding an answer to their real existence and purpose.

The "channeling" and interpretations of some of the close encounters through our particular mental filters, magically allows the witnesses to become co-creators and interpreters of the anomalous experiences we are perceiving.

A true "cosmic theater" that we wrote part of without being aware of it, a device whose purpose is to perpetrate deception, deceit, and mockery of goals and objectives that we cannot venture.

John Keel: "The real problems that lie behind the UFO phenomenon are so complex and so startling that at first they seem incomprehensible. Much speculation beliefs and popular reports are based on prejudice, and misunderstanding and the inability to see beyond the limits of any frame of reference that you are using."

JAC with editing by RR (to whom errors may be addressed)

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A UFO with "ASTRONAUTS" using “STUN RAYS” by Jose Antonio Caravaca

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March 12, 1981 Life was to change abruptly for Juan Gonzalez Santos (42 years of age). On that morning he met face to face with "curious and not-so-sociable American astronauts."

About 10:40 a.m., Juan was at the wheel of his van by N-340 national road, towards Pelayo, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Algeciras, when he saw at the side of the road a "flashy" blaze that caught his attention.

At first he thought they were the lights of an ambulance and that there had been a car accident off the road. He stopped his car to walk to the site where he thought an accident had occurred.

In front of him, less than 25 m distance away from the road, separated by a row of eucalyptus trees, he saw a glowing object, dome-shaped (about 4 meters in diameter and 2 meters high, although with the legs could be measured nearly 4 meters in height) with 5 circular windows at the front, and a large one in the center (50 cm approx.), which seemed to revolve in the opposite direction to clockwise. What was it, Juan thought? He walked in the direction of the object, searching for answers.


As he walked toward the strange artefact, he wondered if it was an American space module with problems, and without thinking twice decided that he would salute the astronauts (sic).

He was still pondering whether to salute the Apollo XI crew when at a few meters from the object, he decided, rather, to contemplate the scene.

The artefact, Juan González told Gómez Serrano, a veteran researcher who was one of the first to interview Juan, was fastened to telescopic legs, and had a bowl-shaped base.

This was clearly visible from where he stood, about fifteen or twenty yards from the object. The color of the artefact was a metallic gray, but brilliant like aluminum.

The object had no seams or screws or anything else that was familiar to him. It was compact and solid.


Serrano calculated that the witness was about 20 meters from the UFO.

On the side was a shield or emblem of black. He had never seen anything like it elsewhere; the symbol was similar to a swastika. (There were more symbols or letters inside the "swastika" that he could not clearly make out.)


Through the windows, Santos was aware of the existence of various beings, inside the craft, but he could only see them from the chest up and he could not see their legs.

On their heads they were wearing fitted helmets, similar to that used by scuba divers and, most curious of all, was that the part over the face was transparent like glass but molded to the face and highlighting it.


Their clothes were brown.

He attempted to jump over a near-by wall that separated the boundaries and subdivisions of the field, when suddenly antennas emerged from the left side of the machine and shot a "Yampa" light (refers to a beam of light that has a solid appearance) that stopped him in his tracks.

He tried, again, to jump over the wall but was hit by another "Yampa" of light that made him moan, watering his eyes, and causing him to see colored lights everywhere, besides producing a sharp pain in the middle of his forehead.


And Juan found that he could not move; he was somewhat paralyzed, but able to move his arms. He stood still because he thought the subjects within that machine did not want him to approach.

The alleged "astronauts," 4 or 5 of them, as seen in the window, seemed to talk among themselves while they kept looking at him. The humanoid in the middle, larger window was, watching Juan all the time, and had what looked like headphones on.

Yet Juan did not think that the humanoids were something extra-human.

(On December 3, 1967, in Ashland, Nebraska, a police officer, Herbert Schirmer, had an alleged close encounter with a alien whose description was strongly reminiscent of Juan’s humanoids, both in dress and in the strange "device" which covered the ears.)

After about 15 or 20 minutes, the legs and the central staircase of the object retreated, and the object, with static in the air (floating in total silence), began to rise,

The artefact was completely silent while in front of him during his ordeal of twelve minutes. He heard no noise.

However, when the object started to tremble (at launch) with undulating movements, it seemed to issue a hiss, like air, accompanied by strong air hose that left a strong smell like burnt electricity that he was not able to explain very well.

Juan Gonzalez added, at the end of his interview with Gómez Serano, a very important detail that I (Jose Caravaca) asked him about in a personal interview I had with him in the mid-nineties:


During the time he was near the wall, he did not hear any noise, neither from the device or from the cars driving along the main road, N-340, in spite of the road being only a hundred feet from him. Nor did he see one car go by, to Algeciras, or to Tarifa. That is strange. The fact must be taken into account that the main road, Algeciras Cadiz, is one of the busiest of the city. After the disappearance of the object, cars began to go through the road.

The tracks left by the object were photographed by J.J. Benitez researcher, showing the shape of the rounded base of the legs.


Each hole in the ground, had a depth of 9 cm (2 in front) and 8.75 centimeters (1 in the back) and 10 centimeters in diameter. Interestingly the more sunken traces corresponded to the extremities, by inclination of the land, which seemed to endure more weight. The weight was estimated at several tons.


Nota Bene: Edited by Rich Reynolds, to whom any errors should be ascribed.


Saturday, September 3, 2011


An article in UFO Report, September 1978, by Alex Evans, about two young fellows in Maine [1975] who saw a UFO, were allegedly abducted, then visited by some so-called “men-in-black” got me to thinking about how shattered the topic and study of UFOs is.

I found Mr. Evans’ piece to be very interesting, for several reasons, so I Googled the names and found a MUFON link to Bob Pratt’s web-site – Mr, Pratt died in 2005 – that has a rather thorough, bizarre, account of the Maine episode.

Click here to access the Pratt rendering

The young men, David Stephens and Glen Gray, should be contacted now to see what they can add to their totally intriguing experience.

They were inside a ship, saw alien beings, and had a total abduction experience, plus their initial UFO sighting, supplemented by a visit from strange people, that have received the sobriquet “men in black” by UFO investigators.

The problem is that there are several conjoined UFO events here, or several disparate UFO events, depending upon one’s perspective.

First there is the UFO, then there is an “abduction,” followed by a description of the inside of a UFO and the entities responsible for the UFO. Afterward, the young men and their families were ‘assaulted” by strange phenomena, as was a doctor who regressed the two fellows at the behest of UFO investigators, Shirley Fickett and Brent Raynes.

This UFO event encompasses almost everything that a UFO researcher might like to get his or her hands on: a seemingly credible account of a UFO sighting, an “abduction” (with a medical examination by alien beings using telepathic communications), and visits by men/people in black.

But what was done? Where’s the denouement?

The episode requires specialization. Someone versed in UFOs, someone versed in the abduction phenomenon, and someone versed in men-in-black accounts.

But there is more. Someone versed in psychiatric hallucinations and/or hysteria is a must, just in case the event is an hallucinosis.

Alex Evans records that Stephens, while inside the alien ship, describing a “mushroom man” (or alien), punched the “entity” (who had, large, slanted, unblinking eyes, no visible mouth, small, round nose, webbed fingers and was dressed in a flowing black robe), with no repercussion(s), accepted the futility of his situation, and laid down, letting the creatures remove his clothing (for a medical examination).


(This variegated incident is the possible psychiatric component.)

I know of no UFO researcher or investigator who has the credentials or cachet to delve into the various facets of such a UFO account as this one, which is not atypical of many UFO events.

MUFON is collecting data, the Examiner is reporting sightings (with no evaluations) and UFO buffs are arguing about minutiae that has nothing to do with UFOs, per se.

(See the current discussion about Phil Klass at Kevin Randle’s blog or the UFO UpDate brouhaha about Jeff Rense’s anti-semitism for examples of “ufology” gone astray.)

A sincere study of UFOs, as they appear today, needs focus, not abstracted, discursive dialogue about peripheral elements that besmudge or side-track the search for what UFOs are (or were) and what their relevance is for humanity, if there is any relevance.

Everything else is entertainment, and not good entertainment either….


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is Earth an alien zoo?

A new study says that Earth is home to (approximately) 8.7 million species.

Click her for news-story

There has, almost from the beginning of the modern UFO era (1947), been a few hypothetical thrusts saying that Earth might be a zoo where species have been brought or created and dispersed for extraterrestrial purposes which remain totally hidden.

The idea may seem fanciful at first glance, but isn’t outside the realm of possibility,

The idea, along with the penal colony thesis, can be elaborated upon and made sensible when one examines the idea that an alien species from other worlds, should there be any, could very well use the Earth as a laboratory or park containing animals, plants, humans, insects, reptiles, and other elements of life.

This would explain the vast array of UFO visitations over the years, and supports the hypothesis that alien beings have taken a particular interest in the Earth as regards atomic or ecological devastation, both of which having the potential to destroy eons of lab work or eliminating an extraterrestrial “vacation venue.”

Earth could be the lab-source for species meant to be seeded throughout the galaxies or, at least, one of the lab-sources.

Wikipedia has a succinct review of the Alien zoo hypothesis ,which may be read by clicking HERE.

For me, the zoo idea is not as zany as many other hypotheses which have pummeled UFO devotees of the years.

What do you think?


Saturday, August 20, 2011

The statistical odds (and common sense) against UFO/ET visits

Universe Today:

[There are] 200 to 400 billion stars in the Milky Way [alone]

{There are] 100 to 200 Billions galaxies in the visible or known universe with hundreds of billions of stars

An average galaxy contains between 1011 and 1012 stars. In other words, galaxies, on average have between 100 billion and 1 trillion numbers of stars

[Galaxies can be] small dwarf galaxies, with just 10 million or so stars, or they can be monstrous irregular galaxies with 10 trillion stars or more.

In 1999 the Hubble Space Telescope estimated that there were 125 billion galaxies in the universe, and recently with the new camera HST has observed 3,000 visible galaxies, which is twice as much as they observed before with the old camera. We're emphasizing "visible" because observations with radio telescopes, infrared cameras, x-ray cameras, etc. would detect other galaxies that are not detected by Hubble
Wiki Answers:

Based on current estimates, there are between 200 - 400 billion stars in our galaxy (The Milky Way).

There are possibly 100 billion galaxies in the Universe. So taking the average of our galaxy, gives approximately 3 x 1024 stars. So about 3 septillion. This has been equated to the same number of grains of sand that are on Earth.

One source (BBC) stated that there are about 1,000 stars to every grain of sand on Earth!! There are an estimated 100 to 200 billion galaxies.

So taking a conservative number of 100 billion stars per galaxy gives an approximate total of 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars. (Which is 10 sextillion)

Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to our Solar System. It lies about 4.37 light-years in distance, or about 41.5 trillion kilometres, 25.8 trillion miles or 277,600 AU.
With the information above, how can anyone, with an ounce of rationality, think that UFOs represent visitors from galaxies, far, far away, or even from the nearest star system to Earth?


The Universe, with its vast diversity and intriguing panoply of astronomical or cosmological entities (by which we mean stars, planet, moons et al., not living beings), offers any curious alien intelligence much better sources for exploration than Earth which, in the great scheme of things, is a backwater and insignificant cosmological element, no matter how hard humans try to think otherwise.

Even if an alien exploratory team stumbled upon Earth millennia ago, what would stir them to keep visiting for centuries or eons afterward?

Of course, some ET believers say Earth was seeded by alien visitors and they keep coming back to see how their humanoid garden is doing.

Or Earth is a penal colony or some sort or a zoo, and extraterrestrial aliens keep checking in or visiting as if this lonely, remote planet is an integral part of a special alien agenda.

The idea that UFOs, with their abundant sightings, represent extraterrestrial visitations in light of the statistical probabilities above which open the whole Universe to such visitations, is ludicrous on the face of it.

No wonder that UFO devotees are seen as cranks and weirdos. Their thought processes invite the opprobrium.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

An example of UFO testimony that varies because of witness differences

In an article – Alien Contact in Ancient Japan -- by Bruce Schaffenberger in the May 1997 of Official UFO’s Ancient Astronauts magazine, the author presents accounts in Volumes 1 and 2 of the Zuihitsu Taisei of strange women, in or near bowl-shaped objects that appeared, in one instance, on the beach of Harayadori in northern Japan and, in another instance, several hundred miles away, both during the Edo Era (1603 to 1868).

In the first account, fishermen pulled the object ashore, peered inside and saw a peculiar woman with a crystal-ringing box. The woman spoke to the fishermen but they could not understand her.


In the second account, a strange woman was seen near the object on the beach. She held a humming box.


(The account is available on the internet, at many venues, and may be found by a Google search.)

Our point here that it seems both occurrences involved the same object and “woman” but as you can see from the depictions rendered by witnesses, the incidents differ, not in substance but in details – details that may be meaningful but flummoxed by how the witnesses saw or interpreted the episodes.

This is, in our estimation, a recurring problem with witness testimony, in all UFO accounts and reports: witnesses will see, remember, and record events in ways that are shaped by their mental make-up.

This has been the bane of the Roswell story and others, where multiple witnesses are involved. And where one witness is reporting an event, the interpretation or account is surely muddled by the personal vicissitudes of the lone observer.

At least with multiple witnesses, one has a chance to compare details and data to see what, if any, corroborate the testimonies being proffered.

While the Japanese report(s), above, are minutely different, it is obvious that both accounts are of the same phenomenon. The differences can be reconciled, and they should be able to be reconciled in modern UFO/flying saucer reports too. Witness testimony is inherently flawed, but not to the point that the truthful or real elements can’t be discerned, forensically, by serious researchers.

One last note – in the drawing for the first observation, depicted above, there was a symbol or symbolic writing, reproduced here:


If the 1964 Socorro insignia was not bollixed by an Air Force scheme and the complicity of Ray Stanford, one might see similarities in the Japan symbol to that originally indicated as what Officer Zamora said he saw on his craft and reproduced.


That shenanigan aside, there is grist for study in the Japanese drawing of the symbol seen/reported by witnesses.

So while there are major caveats about witness testimony, there are also nuggets of importance in such accounts…..perhaps.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Aliens from Dark Earth?

Jay Alfred, in a paper entitled Aliens from Dark Earth: Evolution of Dark Plasma Life Forms on Earth posits that a concomitant Earth formed alongside the Earth we know, and the beings who evolved in this Dark Earth can account for UFOs, and other paranormal experiences.

Jay Alfred's hypothesis is a quirkier verison of Mac Tonnies' Crypto-terrestrial hypothesis.

It's an imaginative hypothesis, just as Tonnies' was, but it's a bit far out for our taste(s).

However, we have some visitors here who will find the ideas in the PDF entrancing we think...

So click here for the PDF

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Paranormal Priority: UFOs?


For those bewildered by or obsessed with things at the fringe of reality, do such things as Sasquatch/Bigfoot/Yeti matter, or Nessie and Champ, or chupacabras, or ghosts?


Why do UFOs have more import, in our estimation, than those other “entities” listed above?

UFOs have a longevity that the listed items do not have.

What UFOs are or may be seem to have more importance in the great scheme of things.

UFOs have paranormal cachet that Bigfoot doesn’t, and certainly more than chupacabras have.


Even “ghosts” don’t impact observers in the same way that UFOs do.


And the Loch Ness monster or Lake Champlain’s Champ don’t provide any great ripples in the paranormal panoply.

UFOs have a cosmological underpinning or a metaphysical ambiance of some kind, deservedly or not.

If UFOs are extraterrestrial in origination, that is very important, for all the obvious reasons: what’s the ET culture? The intelligence? The theology? Et cetera.


If UFOs are an example of someone or something playing with the evolution or mind of mankind, that too is very important. (Need we tell you why?)


If UFOs are merely the fallout of secret military aircraft testings, that isn’t too important but it would quell the ongoing mystery assuredly.


UFOs may be observational trickery or real substantive craft, which is what we believe them to be.

Either way, they present a phenomenon that ranks up there with some of the best mysteries of history and time, like who really parted the Red Sea, or did Jesus really rise up after his crucifixion (and if so, why), or what caused Hitler’s megalomania, or does the Universe have a edge, or can we travel back or forward in time.


As a matter of fancy, UFOs may have something to do with time-travel, whereas Bigfoot doesn’t, nor Nessie, nor those other elements of the imagination.

UFOs get a priority because at the heart of the phenomenon lies a meaningful essence, it seems to us.

Time spent on the other paranormal or Fortean elements is just a waste of time, thought, and effort.

UFOs go to the top of our list of mysteries but do not replace more important issues, such as man’s inhumanity to man, or is God truly dead?


The pursuit of UFOs is, after all, only a hobby of sorts……